Makes Work Almost EASY


Whispering Oaks is proud to be a distributor for the original “GOAT TOTE”. We have been supplying the goat breeders for over four years with quality working equipment that makes work a little easier. All items are made of galvanized pipe with choice of colors and panel sizes, all units are powered coated for longer paint life. Over the past four years there has never been a price increase until now.  We have been notifies that there will be a small increase in a few of the items. The prices shown below will reflect the price increase.  

 Scroll down through the items and let me know if there is any thing that I can help with or answer for you.

6' tote $500.00
5' Tote $450.00
6' Tote with divider $625.00
Training Stand $285.00
Hay Feeder $185.00
Working Chute $1700
Portable Scale $500.00
4' or 8' hanging feeder $59.00 @ $95.00
8' Grain Feeder $229.00
Tubular bale feeder $450.00
4 X 4 Panel Feeder $450.00
hay @ Grain Feeder 8' $420
Creep Feeders $400
Weight Station $300.00
Panels of all sizes
Working system starting $4300
Starting at $3255.00
Hay @ Grain Feeder 4' $305
EZ Feeder 4'x5' = $164.00
EZ Feeder 4'x8' = $233.00
4' Feeder $175.00
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