Whispering Oaks Family

Dennis and Barbara Thorp

Muskogee, Oklahoma



     Barb and I have been involved with  Kiko goats for about six years and let me tell you they have all been a learning experience., We purchased our first kiko’s from Dr. David and Linda Sparks. We could only afford purebreds at the time, we should have bitten the bullet and bought both purebreds and 100% New Zealand’s.  This is called learning.  After afew 100 phone calls, I think Dave and Linda placed a block on our phone number, just to get a needed break. As time went on we learned more and more by attending as many conferences as possible and talking to the many knowledgeable Kiko breeders, that could tolerate my questions. We will still make mistakes, as I am a slow learner, but, I believe that we are getting better.

     Barb, has since moved onto dairy goats (way to much work for me) and loves her new girls.  This is when “bottle fed babies” pays off.  So, if you ever need some goats milk for any one in your herd, just give her a call.  She has frozen and fresh always available. She also, makes yogurt and cheese, I personally like the straight milk.

We still remain a small breeder with about seven paddocks, which allows us to move are girls around. They really help when we have to quarantine a new goat, or single out some over zealous bucklings. multiple paddocks is an easy way to help keep parasitics under control, when you do not have a lot of acreage.

Please feel free to call or just stop by and lets see if I can help you sidestep some of the mistakes that I made, so you can make some new ones of your own. Just click on the contact button and lets talk goats.


Whispering Oaks is a proud member of CUSKGA for over 3 years and have learned something everytime we meet. CUSKGA is made up of Kiko Breeders basically located in the Midwest. If you need Help or just to visit with a fellow breeder, it is a short trip.If you are new to Kikos I would highly recommend you join with us.


Goattrax is a software program that gives you all the information you might need at the click of the mouse. Goattrax records births, weights,sales purchases, does kidding history and more. From hoof trimming to Vaccines, this program makes it easy. Give it a go!