After the 2019 first culling, the kids are beginning to look pretty sharp. Up for adoption are some good looking doelings out of  Wok Snowman, GHK Blackhawk, WOK Warrior, JJP Keeper 117, Terminator XXX

They are growing out at a good rate and are beginning to show the Kiko form and style of their dam and sire.A few more cullings to go before we are down to the acceptable few that get to become Kiko breeding does.

All kids will be cd@t vaccinated (2 shots),  DNA’d and microchipped before they leave the ranch.  We want our kids to live long and productive lives on any ranch.


     Here are some of the 2019 Kiko kids that have made it through two cullings and came out ahead.  To survive the culls they must show growth, length, no parasitic problems and calmness around people. I hate nervous does. If you have any questions about these girls (the boys are sold) just click on the button below