It All Begins with the


Buck's Legacy

Let’s talk about bucks for a minute.  The buck is probably the most important animal in your herd. He accounts for 50% of the kids genetics, for any given year. He dictates potential growth, semen viability, multiple births, color and parasitic resistance, all rolled up into one animal.  How much should I spend for a buck?  Buy the best you can!! Good genetic bucks do not come cheap. If you buy a so-so buck, you will get a so-so price for your kids. If you get a good buck, the price for your kids will make up for the price of the buck.

     The buck’s genetics will make up about 50% of the kids genetics, however, if the doe is sub quality, your kids from her will not be the quality you expect from your buck.  Remember the doe donates 50% of her kids genetics.  Get the best doe you can afford, with the genetics to complement your buck. 

Think Future Herd Growth 


WOK TITAN’S SNOWMAN is the grandson of the prestigious “BLUE’S SON”. Snowman’s sire was WOK Rising Son,  a full brother of GHK Painted Wagon. Rising Son passed away last year in a freak accident, but, his son is carring on his legacy. Great parasitic resistance, strong muscles, and deep chest, and throws great kids. Last year Snowman was bred to two GHK Wild Bill daughters and the buckling 90 average’s 62 lbs. I can work with that.

Snowman’s job is Safe


     GHK BLACKHAWK is one of the better sons of GHK CHEROKEE FIDDLER and grandson to SONBOY 117 LOVERBOY. If that isn’t good enough, his dam is the awesome QFK LADY BLACKBIRD. The Lady boasts of outstanding mothering instincts along with a killer utter that lasts for ever, it seems.

     Blackhawk will prove his own this year, as we gave him a few more does to work with, thinking about keeping a few of his daughters.

We Can't Forget The Girls

You cannot have a healthy and strong herd if not for the girls.  The buck may contribute 50% of the herd genetics, but, the doe gives us the other 50%.  We are proud to count, on our girls, to give us fast growing , sturdy kids. Our girls boast of genetics from:  GHK Ironhorse, GHK Wild Bill, Blu’s Son, Terminator xxx, AFV Hobo, AVG Marshall, and more. 

Super proud of my girls.

Please call me if I can help you in any way